Saturday, June 17, 2006

Play videos on your iPod...even without the Video model!

Difficulty Rating: [||||||--] >>GEEK ALERT! You must be a geek in order to do this!<<

Using open-source software, you can now play videos on your ipod nano, or even an older, black and white iPod. The best part is the entire process is FREE!

The operating system known as iPodLinux supports video playback, but you need a specially formatted .avi file to play it. Due to software limitations, you will need a Windows PC to do this conversion.

I have a Nano myself, and am very happy to be able to play videos (please note that the file formats are VERY large, so you can't have that much video if you have a 2GB Nano.

Other perks: being able to play Doom on an ipod, the geeky pride.

Google all this for more info--there's lots of documentation.

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